Mixer to get a Streamer Review system and new chat tools

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Microsoft already made it very clear that wants to make Mixer a very positive community, free of harmful content and toxic behaviour.

Streamer Review will go live on September 4th

A new step in that direction is the Streamer Review system that will go live on September 4th, 2019:

A few weeks ago, we shared how we are taking additional steps to improve the Mixer experience for our community of streamers and viewers. Today, we’re sharing an update on some of those new programs and tools aimed at reducing harmful content and toxic behavior so that Mixer continues to be a fun, positive and welcoming community.

This new system will validate streamers through several steps involving multiple checks to make sure that their content is safe. Additionally, already existing streamers will also have to re-validate their accounts.

New steps to follow if you want to stream on Mixer

If you want to become a Mixer streamer, the new process will require you to link your Mixer account with your MSA account, watch the required Mixer Safety Video, and then wait for 24 hours before signing the Streamer Pledge. streaner review new stept to become a mixer streamer

Furthermore, Microsoft also released some new chat moderation tools for streamers to restrict the ability to chat for some users, based on different criteria.

Finally, the retiring of Mixer Create mobile app will take place on August 28. Users who want to continue streaming directly from their mobile device are advised to check out the Streamlabs app.

Now back to you: What’s your take on the new Streamer Review system?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.


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