Microsoft to launch new category of Windows phones in 2017

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While 2016 has been a silent year for Microsoft’s smartphone department, a brand new category of mobile hardware is brewing for 2017. The super-flagship in question could be the long-anticipated Surface Phone, which Microsoft hopes could help catapult Windows Phone to the limelight back again.

Microsoft has remained reticent about its plan for the Surface Phone, though CEO Satya Nadella teased that the Redmond giant intends to build what he describes as “the ultimate mobile device.” Earlier, Nadella reiterated that Microsoft is not breaking away from Windows Phone production. So, what’s in store for consumers next year?

Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela recently revealed more details about the company’s next plan. Microsoft wants to apply to its smartphone offering what the company did to the Surface product: Launch a fresh category. Of course, we’ve heard previous rumors about the Surface Phone that indicated an amalgamation of the mobile and PC experience into a single device.

Rumor also has it that Continuum will play a vital role in how the Surface Phone tries to achieve its goal. But that’s not all there is for the Surface Phone, as Capossela suggested during the recent Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurrott.

A new product category

Capossela said the software giant would still be collaborating with its partners and suppliers to create the next-generation devices. On top of that, the company will introduce new features to the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem to enrich those devices with whole new worlds of apps while breaking away from direct competition with the iOS and Android platforms. Capossela added:

For us when we want to do first-party hardware, when we want to do something like the Studio, or Book, or Pro, the number one goal we have is to essentially try and create a new category of device that hasn’t been done before and can expand the market for the Windows ecosystem. We want to do something that hasn’t been done before.

Are you excited for the brand new category Surface Phone? Let us know your thoughts.


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I really like my windows phone but it is wearing out…what kind of support out there for me until some miraculous surface phone appears?

I love windows phones. I have been using them since the launch of Lumia 710. I also bought Lumia 640xl lte and Lumia 650 but unfortunately both of them damage accidentally. Now am using Samsung J7 (2016). But if I get a chance to have a windows phone again, I will surely go for it provided that the price should be around ₹15-16 thousand or ₹20000 at the most.

It’s OK to also not reinvent the wheel so much, and do something that is already widely respected, but with a twist. For instance, make a phone with no “home” buttons, and two 5.5″ LCD panels that fold like a book. A really good hinge on it. Clicking feel when it opens fully. The device closed appears like it will have only that 5.5″ 16×9 screen. And then opened it becomes 7.5″ 4×3 screen. Small gap in the middle between the two, but not more than about 1mm. A cool tablet in your pocket.