Microsoft’s open-source manager NuGet reaches 1 billion downloads

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NuGet is a free open-source package manager designed by theMicrosoft development platform, also known as NuPack. It was introduced back in 2010 and quickly evolved into a larger ecosystem of tools and services. NuGet allows users to import libraries into their .NET applications without much effort. This is an awesome tool for developers and a good amount of them are already using it.

NuGet was distributed as a Visual Studio extension and since 2012, the package came pre-installed by default. In addition, NuGet was also integrated with SharpDevelop, but it can be also used from the command line and automatically via scripts. It is good to know that NuGet is supporting multiple programming languages such as native packages written in C++ or .Net Framework packages.

Now, NuGet has reached 1 billion downloads and Microsoft has announced this via its developer-focused Channel 9 website, where it also mentioned a new “monumental” milestone for the company’s open source package manager. You can watch the video where Microsoft made the announcement below:

Microsoft’s goal is to see 1 billion downloads of Windows 10 OS but it seems that NuGet has proven faster than it. Let’s not forget that this tool has been around for 6 years while the latest Windows Operating system has been released last year in July, though.

Are you a developer that’s using NuGet? Tell us your thoughts about this open-source package manager!



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