Microsoft removes Office installation link from Microsoft Store

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Microsoft removed direct download links for MS Office from the Microsoft Store. They reported that the link redirects to the official Microsoft website instead. This is how they end up downloading the classic installer for the software.

The entire process is annoying for Windows 10 users who are now going through multiple steps to get MS Office. They must be thinking that there is no point in visiting the Store if they can get it directly from the web.

Previously, Windows 10 users could choose their desired Office apps and automatic software updates released by the Store.  

Now the click-to-run installer forces users to install each and every app and this can consume some extra space. Office handles all the updates on its own. The change is not accidental and Microsoft deliberately made this move.

Microsoft Store slowly moves towards its demise

Microsoft released its app store along with the release of Windows 8. The company planned to compete with Apple’s app store, but it failed to impress its users.

Eventually, the need for Microsoft Store vanished with the passage of time. We all know that there is a huge variety of software available online. Windows users who want to download and install any software or application can get it from the Store.

Moreover, we all know that Microsoft abandoned its Windows 10 Mobile platform a few years ago. All of these UWP apps died along with it.

Microsoft’s Store also published Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Windows users. It also turned out to be a failed project because many users prefer to use their browsers to download such PWAs.

Most importantly, Microsoft removed a couple of services from its Store during the past few years. Users who visited the Store to buy books and music eventually lost their interest in it.

It is pretty much possible that Microsoft is realizing the Microsoft Store lost its usefulness.



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