Office for Mac gets a major update to enhance collaboration and productivity

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Office for Mac update

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Microsoft recently teased a new and important update for the Office applications running on Mac systems. The update is now live and brings essential architectural changes which enable a faster release of new features.

Office for Mac on steroids

Microsoft released this major update to Insiders who are enrolled in the Fast ring. They now have the chance to preview some new features and a few changes to the product’s architecture. All these new improvements will eventually enable Microsoft to release new features for Office for Mac systems quicker. You will see that in just a short while, you will hit a larger number of issues than normal and Microsoft says that it hopes that users will remain with it even if things are more difficult at the beginning.

Here are the new Office for Mac features

  • Real-time co-authoring and AutoSave for One Drive and SharePoint files

Changes will be saved automatically as you work and if you co-author with other users, you will be able to see their changes as well.

  • A new Share menu

This will make it much easier to share files stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

  • PowerPoint QuickStarter is on Mac

QuickStarter manages to reinvent the deck creation process by building an online presentation to help users get started when they need to research a certain topic.

  • New chart types

Six powerful charts will help you to visualize common statistical, financial, and hierarchical information quickly.

All other Insiders will receive an update for Visual Basic of Applicants (VBA) in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Some additional methods will not work on Mac, and these include properties and objects that are available to Windows Office users.

For more information, check out Microsoft’s official announcement.



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