November non-security Office updates now available for download

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Microsoft has rolled out the November non-security updates for Office, bringing a series of useful fixes and improvements to this tool. More specifically, 13 updates are available for Office 2016, 11 for Office 2013 and 1 update for Microsoft Project 2010.

List of non-security Office updates

Office 2016 updates

1. Update KB3127906 for Microsoft Office 2016 fixes the following issues:

  • When users open a presentation from a webpage, the presentation is opened as read-only. If users edit and then save the presentation, PowerPoint 2016 may crash. This issue also occurs in Word 2016, Excel 2016, and Visio 2016.
  • When users open and save Office documents, the background synchronization process may behave inefficiently. This causes increased CPU usage and a re-synchronization is needed to update documents.

2. Update KB3127939 for Skype for Business 2016 fixes 7 issues affecting IM conversations and conference calls.

3. Update KB3127909 for Microsoft Office 2016 fixes the issue that prevents users from transitioning the documents to read-write mode for editing, after they open Office documents from MySite in read-only mode.

4. Update KB3118338 for Microsoft Office 2016 fixes the following issue: users can’t create a profile by using proxy AutoDetect and a named proxy simultaneously in Outlook 2016 if AutoDetect fails.

5. Update KB3118336 for Microsoft Office 2016 apparently fixes the same issue as KB3118338.

6. Update KB3118340 for Microsoft Office 2016 fixes the following issue: when users use the Send as Attachment email function to share a project, Project crashes if they have Outlook 2016 installed. This issue also occurs in Excel 2016 if Outlook 2016 is installed.

7. Update KB3127905 for Microsoft Office 2016: no information is available about the content of this update.

8. Update KB3118341 for Microsoft OneDrive for Business: no information is available about the content of this update.

9. Update KB3127912 for Microsoft Outlook 2016 adds the ability to specify the “Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying to e-mail” option through a registry key and brings 9 account fixes as well.

10. Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 KB3127902 fixes the bug that blocked some network calls to older version of SharePoint Server.

11. Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB3115280 fixes the following issues:

  • Users receive an error message when they import data from an OData data feed about implementing the IConvertible API.
  • Some Korean characters can’t be used in certain Power Pivot operations such as naming a measure.

12.Update KB3127960 fixes a series of error messages that often appear in Microsoft Project 2016.

13. Update for Microsoft Word 2016 KB3127941 improve backward compatibility in charts between Word 2013 and Word 2016.

Office 2013 updates

  1. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB3039750
  2. Update for Microsoft OneDrive for Business KB3118350
  3. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB3127916
  4. Update for Skype for Business 2015 (KB3127934
  5. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB3127915
  6. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB3118343
  7. Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB3118346
  8. Update for Microsoft Outlook 2013 KB3127919
  9. Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 KB3118353
  10. Update for Microsoft Project 2013 KB3127959
  11. Update for Microsoft Word 2013 KB3039719.

Use Windows Update to automatically download and install these updates. You can also download them individually from the Microsoft Download Center.



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