Windows 10 is Built on OneCore, the Main OS Kernel for Phones, Tablets, PCs and Xbox

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By now you have probably heard of the fact that Microsoft wants to unify the experience across all its Windows-powered devices. We now have new evidence to support this coming from a well-known Microsoft pundit.
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In her recent story, Mary Jo Foley has disclosed the fact that Microsoft will release Windows 10 for mobile devices at some point next month. But this wasn’t everything that the pundit revealed.

According to her, Windows 10 is built on a single, common core, referred internally as “OneCore”. This isn’t actually news, because we’ve heard about this before, but this serves as further confirmation. It seems that this main OS kernel works across a variety of devices, from phones, tablets, PCs, large-screen displays and even the Xbox. The presence of the Xbox head at today’s event could serve as a hint to that, as well.

Here are some more details related to how OneCore will work:

OneCore implies more than just the common kernel that Microsoft touted as part of its Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 stories. In addition to the OS kernel, OneCore also includes the dynamic link libraries (DLLs), application platform layer and other pieces of the operating system. Microsoft’s pitch to developers with Windows 10 will be they can target the same core environment with their apps, and those “Universal” apps will work across a range of screen sizes. These apps will be available in a single store, rather than separate Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox stores.

So, as we can see, OneCore will feature the dynamic link libraries (DLLs), application platform layer and other pieces of the operating system, but this doesn’t mean there will be just a single Windows 10 version. We’ll be hearing more details about this shortly.

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