Microsoft Outlook issues solved with new KB5005611 update

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • An update for Windows 10 has been released to solve Outlook issues.
  • Users can test the fixes before they are released in the next patch.
  • The update fixes a bug that forces Outlook to suddenly stop.
Printer nightmare fixed by new KB patch

Windows 10 2004, Windows 10 20H2, and Windows 10 21H1 have received an optional KB5005611 update that addresses bugs in Outlook and makes it easier to address the PrintNightmare vulnerability.


The update allows users to test the fixes before they become part of the October 2021 patch.

To install the updates, navigate to settings>Windows update>Check for updates. This being an optional update, you will get the prompt whether you wish to install it.

New fixes

The KB5005611 preview update has introduced several fixes for Outlook. Outlook has had a bug that causes the application to stop working or add-ins blocking replies to emails.

Blurry icons and the app displaying even after being disabled when you right-click has also been resolved.

Updates in Windows 10 KB5005611

Once users install the KB5005611 update, Windows 10 2004 will automatically be updated to build 19042.1266, build 19043.1266 for Windows 10 21H1.

Other improvements include:

  • Updates a clock issue that causes it to be wrong by an hour after (DST) change.
  • Fixes an issue that causes applications to suddenly stop working.
  • Fixes an issue that blocks you from typing a reply with the Microsoft Outlook Add-in.
  • Fixes the issue where News and interests continue to display when you right-click the taskbar long after you have turned off the feature on your device.
  • Fixes the distortion of sound and other voice assistants record issue,
  • Fixes the issue where your device stops working even after rebooting.
  • Fixes the issue that stops you from selecting input to apps when the taskbar is not located at the bottom of the screen.

A more detailed list of the fixes can be found here.

Have you experienced any of the Outlook issues? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.