Microsoft in partnership with DataKind Labs to end traffic-related deaths

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft’s Tech & Civic Engagement Group and DataKind Labs are working together in a bid to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries in many urban areas across the world. The project is called DataKind Vision Zero, and its ultimate goal is to reduce traffic-related injury and death to zero.

With Microsoft’s help, DataKind Labs is in the process of expanding its services across the United States. The three newest US cities that will see the launch of DataKind Vision Zero are San Jose, Seattle, and New Orleans. And for those who are wondering: yes, New York City is already a part of the project.

The boys and girls at DataKind Labs are hoping to use traffic data to bring its Zero Vision project to life in a big way, attempting to not just reduce traffic-related injury and death but to end it completely. “We’ll be using a combination of public and private data to help local decision makers understand which engineering and enforcement interventions will be most effective to address each city’s local efforts to increase traffic safety for all,” says DataKind Labs on its blog.

With software giant Microsoft onboard, perhaps the DataKind team can make a dent in its audacious plans and help save millions of lives in the coming months and years. Just in the city of New York alone, DataKind has used traffic data to help put in place measures to stop incidents that might lead to death or serious injury. The data collected was then analyzed to understand its effects and improve on the solutions created.

For those interested in DataKind Labs and its Vision Zero project, check out its blog.

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