Here’s why Microsoft’s passwordless ecosystem is just a pipe dream

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft's Passwordless Authentication System is far away

Microsoft recently revealed their plans for a passwordless Windows 10 OS. The tech giant aims pretty high as it’s planning to use a PIN code, fingerprints, and Windows Hello face authentication to create a passwordless Windows 10 ecosytem.

The company is currently testing the passwordless authentication system in the Fast Ring. These changes are expected to go live in the Spring of 2020.

As a quick reminder, Microsoft plans to remove passwords from Microsoft Accounts and Windows 10 next year.

Not only this, but the company is planning to extend this passwordless authentication system to business users as well.

They will be able to login via Windows Hello, the authenticator app or security keys. Although the news seems interesting, it still raised many questions and concerns.

Many users don’t think Microsoft is ready to adopt a passwordless ecosystem.

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Businesses are not yet ready

We can not deny the importance of passwords. A password is generally considered to be an inexpensive authentication solution that fits the needs of many individuals and organizations.

As a matter of fact, there are many other authentications solutions that work better than passwords.

We can not ensure that a passwordless authentication system is unhackable. Still, it offers more security as compared to the traditional system.

It relies on multiple ways to ensure that access is granted to a legit account holder.

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Some organizations have already taken steps to adopt the passwordless authentication. However, many are still facing problems while adopting it.

There are many devices that do not support FIDO and biometrics capabilities. Therefore, it is a major challenge for both Microsoft and businesses to deal with.

It is important to understand that there are many hurdles on the way. We can not get the most out of a passwordless authentication system at the front end until or unless the passwords at the back-end are removed.

That is the only way to get rid of passwords related vulnerabilities.

Moreover, people have a false image in their mind about the cost of passwordless authentication system. They think that simply buying a device with a built-in passwordless authentication system is enough.

If we look at the internal details, companies still need to spend a significant cost to support new devices, users, and to manage complexities.

We can say that cost is a major hurdle in the implementation of a passwordless ecosystem in the first place.


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