Microsoft Photos and Maps appear in the Xbox One Store

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We already know that Microsoft is preparing a bevy of cross-platform innovations for its many devices. But the highlight of these plans is the integration between Windows 10 and Xbox One. We’ve been talking about the cross-platform compatibility between the two platforms for quite some time, but it keeps getting better and better.

You probably already know that Microsoft wants to merge its two stores and make apps and games work on both platforms. Recently, some users noticed Microsoft’s own Photos and Maps apps for Windows 10 in the Xbox Store — something that’s not a surprise.

Even though both apps are already available for download, they don’t work. If you install one of these apps on your Xbox One device, you’ll receive a coming soon message. These details were spotted by Reddit users y /u/guilherme07 and /u/HyperG16 who wrote about it on the Xbox One Subreddit.

We shouldn’t wait too long for these apps to become fully functional on the Xbox One. If Microsoft continues what it started with Groove Music for Xbox One (UWP app for Xbox One released at the beginning of August), it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see both apps working as soon as with the next update for Microsoft’s console.

We can say this is just the beginning of a wave of Windows 10 apps on Xbox One. Microsoft may be a little slower in bringing its integration plans to reality, but it’s on the right track and the steady progress is noticeable.

Which apps for Windows 10 would you like to see next on the Xbox One? What do you think of Microsoft’s ‘one app on every device’ concept? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.


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