Microsoft creates a dedicated page for all Insider Preview programs

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft will be finally adding a dedicated page for the Insiders offering easy access to all its preview programs.

This is due to the increasing number of products making it difficult to keep a watch on all the Insider preview programs.

Microsoft has already made the Insider programs an important part for developing new products and updates for the current software.

This idea was launched with Windows 10 in October 2014 and was extended since then to include other products. The added products include Microsoft Edge, Bing, and the Office Suite.

The entire purpose is to get user feedback as they try out the preview versions. These feedbacks would then be implemented to further improve and optimize the experience.

Wondering why Norton Antivirus doesn’t work in Windows 10 Insider builds? Here’s the answer.

Advantages of a dedicated page for Insiders

According to Microsoft, this dedicated page will offer early access to the new feature, news, and updates for the Insiders. It will basically help them get access to the preview even before it’s launched for the general public.

Insiders will also be able to provide feedback straight to the employees and engineers. This will help Microsoft implement those ideas and bring improvement to the future products of the Insider Preview Program.

Users simply need to register for each program to see what’s upcoming for Microsoft.

Currently, Microsoft is running seven different Insider programs. The list includes,

  1. Bing Insider
  2. Microsoft Edge Insider
  3. Office Insider
  4. Skype Insider
  5. Visual Studio Code Insider
  6. Windows Insider
  7. Xbox Insider

The Windows Insider program is hands down one of the significant of all. It is known to have assisted Microsoft in developing and launching the Windows 10 OS.

Based on a report by Dona Sarkar, the Windows Insider chief, there are around 16.5 million Insiders and counting more.

Before you decide to enroll in the Insider Program, keep in mind that these software versions are still work in progress. As a result, they’re often plagued by various technical issues, including severe ones. So, proceed at your own risk.