Microsoft’s Project Scarlett lands in December 2020 [KEY SPECS]

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo was abuzz with Microsoft breaking the much-awaited good news for the Xbox lovers.

Nicknamed as Project Scarlett, the tech giant recently revealed the features of one of its most ambitious projects. The next generation Xbox Project Scarlett console will hit the markets in 2020.

Xbox Project Scarlett key features

Project Scarlett will feature:

  • AMD Zen 2 powered custom-developed processor.
  • 8K graphics with 120Hz frame rates.
  • Ability to display live ray tracing.
  • Standard SSD as the one in PS5.
  • Optical drive
  • Graphics architecture based on Radeon RDNA.
  • Powerful GDDR6 based RAM.

The presence of a physical disk drive in the age of digital downloads makes it a great buy for those who still have films on physical media.

Xbox Project Scarlett, rightly labeled as the “future of gaming” also promises to play the existing games as reverse compatibility.

It will play all the games including the ones from the initial era of the Xbox, games from Scarlett, and also from Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Halo Infinite revealed

As explained during the launch, the company evidently named the next chapter of the famous franchise as Halo Infinite. The chapter is a sequel to the Halo 5: Guardians Storyline.

The game runs on the latest Slipspace Engine and is designed for both Project Scarlett and Windows. Halo Infinite is expected to take the franchise to new heights of popularity.

Xbox Project Scarlett will reportedly include 100 games that feature games like Metro Exodus, Forza Horizon, and even the Halo collection.

Thereafter, on November 4, the firm also plans to launch the latest Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. This will be the controller for the next generation Xbox and it’s up for pre-order now.

As you can see, the company ensured that they focus on what gamers have been expecting all this while.


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