Build 14366 introduces Feedback Hub Quests to get the best bug reports possible

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With Build 14366, Microsoft continues the trend set by the previous builds by focusing on making Windows 10 more stable and reliable, rather than rolling out new features.

This build officially kicks off the Windows 10 Anniversary Update June Bug Bash, a build cycle focusing only on fixing existing bugs and discovering potential issues before the Anniversary Update is launched, as Dona Sarkar explains:

This has always been an epic time of bonding for our team as we focus on one singular goal: to flush out those bugs that might have evaded us before this baby goes out into the world. We will be kicking off the bug bash internally today as well so know we’re all in it together!

In the following days, Microsoft will roll out a series of Quests inside the Feedback Hub highlighting different areas of Windows 10 each day. The company expects Insiders to offer in-depth feedback on each Quest in order to get the best bug reports possible.

Microsoft will be cycling the Quests over the week but will bring them all back over the weekend for another round. Redmond has a solid reputation of truly listening to its users, and is relying on dedicated Insiders to perfect the Windows 10 platform before the July 29 launch.

The Quests will not simply list steps for trying a feature or scenario out. Many of them are open ended so that Insiders can perform the steps that come naturally to them in order to finish the Quest and give feedback to Microsoft.

Many quests also list more than one scenario result and will lead back to the Feedback Hub so that you can vote existing feedback or give new feedback based on your experience, using a 5-point rating system.

The Quest will be marked as follows:

  • LIMITED TIME Quests: they expire within 24 hours of being published and will be replaced with new Quests.
  • ADVANCED Quests: these are more technical and may require changing the system configuration on your device. These quests are recommended only for advanced users as you need to be able to troubleshoot your PC if something goes wrong.



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