Microsoft Releases New Features for the Surface Pro 3 Pen and Surface RT

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If you are one of our happy Windows users who also have a Surface Pro 3 Pen or a Surface RT device you can start by reading this article and find our what are the exact features released by Microsoft. For this you will only have to update on your device  the latest drivers available from Microsoft website.
Find out what new features were released by Microsoft  for Surface Pro 3 Pen and Surface RT

For the Surface Pro 3 device running a Windows operating system Microsoft has released a brand new driver for the Pen which you can use and is compatible with the Surface App you probably have from Windows Store. This application was previously called Surface Hub and it was made specifically to upgrade and make available some new features for the Pen device.

Upgrade your Microsoft drivers on your Surface Pro 3 and Surface RT device

Surface Pro 3 device:

First we will start with the Surface Pro 3 device, the driver for the Surface app found on Windows Store was upgraded therefore making available a new pen pressure sensitivity adjustment feature which will allow your Surface Pro 3 device running Windows 8.1 to personalize the responsiveness of the Pen.
Another feature added to the Surface Pro 3 device is the access to see the firmware and also the driver information’s you may need within the Surface app directly.

Surface RT device:

For the people who are still using one of the Surface RT devices with the Windows operating system you will also be pleased to know that there is a driver update that you can make. This driver update increases substantially the audio and video experience that you so love on the Surface RT device. But if you wish to find out more you only need to go and update your drivers on the Surface RT and start the testing for yourself.

Another driver update that was made to the Surface RT device is for the stability of the operating system, so if you are tired of the slow speed or the unexpected shutdowns of your device then this driver update will surely fix most of these issues.

There you go, you have above a short description of the available driver updates for the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface RT devices but if you want to test it yourself you will need to update your system which I am sure it will not take you more then 10 minutes of your time. Also if you have additional questions about this subject please don’t hesitate to write us in the comments section of the page below and we will help you further as soon as possible.

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