Microsoft removes all Lumia phones from the UK Microsoft store

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It’s been a long time since the first rumors started appearing regarding the impending doom for Lumia line of smartphones. When it comes to official announcements, the Windows developer hasn’t given out any kind of information that would make people think this was going to happen.

However, Microsoft has hinted over the past few months that it is planning on removing the Lumia brand completely — just not with words. It is unknown whether it was all intentional or not, but the effect remains the same.

Lumia phones exit Microsoft store in the UK, more might come next

Another such hint was dropped very recently by Microsoft. Out of nowhere, the company decided to remove all Lumia phones from its UK branch store. While there are still a few smartphones left, they aren’t part of the Lumia brand or series but rather third party devices like the Liquid Jade Primo from Acer and HP’s Elite X3. Smartphones users from the UK who might want to buy a Lumia smartphone right now could get lucky with third party retailers that might have some in stock. But as far as Microsoft’s official store goes, the devices are not available anymore.

While this can be unpleasant for those that want to buy a Lumia phone, the fact that they’re not available anymore might be because no one wanted to buy one in the first place. Ultimately, this move poses a lot of questions regarding the future of the Lumia line.

Uncertain future for the company’s mobile division

There are talks about Microsoft wanting to apply the same approach to other Microsoft stores across the globe, but no word has been given regarding this as there was no prior announcement leading up to the UK store losing all its Lumia phones. This news isn’t exactly that surprising given the current situation that Microsoft and its mobile platform are currently facing. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform hasn’t been performing well for a very long time and has struggled to keep up with competitors. Losing customers and business every day, Microsoft might be in the right to pull the plug on the project after all.



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