Microsoft Rewards offers 200 points for every dollar spent on the Windows

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Thanks to the holiday season, we have an interesting offer from Microsoft which invites them to get their shopping doneon their platform. Microsoft’s Windows Store offers the choice of a wide variety of digital products, ranging from music and movies to TV series and video games. Don’t even get us started on their app collection, which contains apps you can download and integrate into your OS. And until the 30th of December, users will earn 200 points every time they spend a dollar on the Windows Store in any of those categories.

Additionally, in-app purchases will also net you 200 points per dollar, making the offer even juicier. Some might have settled on doing their shopping on the Windows Store anyway, while others might be genuinely persuaded by this deal. Nevertheless, if you are interested in getting points, you now have a great way for doing so in this festive season.

Microsoft Rewards is one of the many services offered by the Windows developer. Through Microsoft Rewards, the company is looking to reward people who use their products and services and entice them to continue using them.

The feature wasn’t always referred to as Microsoft Rewards. It was formerly known as Bing Rewards, but received a name change some time ago. By using Microsoft’s stuff, you get points allocated to your account. Get points for multiple things such as searching something online using the Bing search engine or spending money on Microsoft’s Windows Store.

A more recent addition was the Microsoft Edge browser, which replaced Internet Explorer as the default Windows browser. Browsing the internet using Microsoft Edge will also score you points in the Microsoft Rewards system. Check out more about the Microsoft Rewards initiative and Rewards record by accessing Microsoft’s Rewards page, located on their official website.