Microsoft breaks the record for most security bulletins released in 2016

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What a year for Microsoft! The company has reached various accomplishments this year, including stepping into new technology fields, attracting more users to its services, etc. But Redmond has also accomplished one feat that the majority of users won’t even notice.

Namely, 2016 is the year when Microsoft released more security bulletins than ever before! Microsoft released 155 security bulletins during 2016, which is a 15% increase over last year (135). This number includes 12 security bulletins released during December’s patch Tuesday. As we assume this month’s Patch Tuesday will be the last rollup for the year, 155 could easily be the final number of security bulletins for this year.

Security in its operating systems is very important to Microsoft. And as the number of threats rises, the company has to do everything in its power to keep Windows users as safe as possible. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Microsoft breaks the record once again, at the end of the next year.

Microsoft’s December Patch Tuesday

As we said, Microsoft broke the record of released security bulletins before December’s Patch Tuesday. However, this month’s rollup brought some interesting updates for every supported version of Windows.

The main highlight are the three updates for three versions of Windows 10 – KB3205383 (version 1507)KB3205386 (version 1511), and KB3206632 (version 1607). The updates brought regular bug fixes and improvements, and solved some of the problems caused by previous cumulative updates for Windows 10.

There are also security updates for older versions of Windows, like KB3205394 and KB3207752 for Windows 10, and KB3205400 for Windows 8.1. These updates resolved various vulnerabilities in Windows, and made the overall stability and security of the system better.

That’s it for this year, folks. We should now wait for the next year, when Microsoft (hopefully) won’t disappoint with updates, and release even more security updates, system improvements, and new features for Windows than this year.



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