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by Radu Tyrsina
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Things are not going very well for Microsoft. The company had to cut thousands of jobs in its smartphone division because of disastrous sales and now, the corporation is taking more drastic measures: It’s shutting down regional Lumia Twitter accounts and @LumiaHelp support.

Goodbye @Lumia US, @LumiaUK and @LumiaIndia. Users who contact Microsoft’s representatives through these Twitter accounts will be directed to @Lumia. Also, they will direct support questions to @MicrosoftHelps as the @LumiaHelp account will be shut down. Each of these Twitter accounts announced the change to its followers and informed them of which accounts they should start following in order to find out the latest news.

Windows Phone users were expecting this to happen in the near future, especially because Microsoft started killing off the Lumia division in 2014. The future is bleak as rumors suggest the brand will be killed off permanently. In an announcement Microsoft made on August 23,  an FAQ delivered PR-friendly answers to those who asked questions about the change.

The answer to “Why are you closing this account?” was “This account is being merged with your local Windows or Microsoft account to help us become a part of the international, larger, Microsoft family.” After closure, users will still see Microsoft Lumia updates, but the key change is that they will also receive general Microsoft/Windows updates. Microsoft has said that Lumia accounts will merge “so that everything can sit under one, unified, global page” and users who will need local support will “follow this link to get more help:”

The local Lumia page is becoming a support channel because “We want to make sure you have answers to all of your Microsoft Lumia questions, therefore some channels will be staying open to answer these local requests” and if the local Lumia channel is closed and is not merging with another, “This latest series of actions should just serve as confirmation of Microsoft further washing its hands off Lumia and the Nokia purchase”.

While rumors indicate the firm is still heavily into Windows Mobile and planning to push it at some point soon, one wonders if it wouldn’t be a better investment to improve their apps and services on iOS and Android to win hearts and minds there.”


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