Microsoft to Integrate Skype with Windows 10

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Microsoft is slowly making the list of pre-installed software that comes along with Windows 10. We already know that Windows 10 will feature Solitaire Collection and Candy Crush Saga, but Microsoft will introduce another product as an existing feature in Windows 10.
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In the leaked Windows 10 build 10135, there’s a new “Get Skype” tool placed on the desktop which allows users to swiftly download and install Skype on their machines. Although it’s not exactly the pre-installed version of Skype, it’s very similar, as it suggests users to install Skype from the start.

Microsoft actually didn’t reveal any official information about “Get Skype” feature, but since it’s present in the leaked build, it’s reasonable to expect this tool to be present in the future, as pre-installed Windows 10 feature.

Ever since Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype in 2011, Skype proved to be one of the most important Microsoft’s services today, and it’s available on all major platforms, such as Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Android and Windows Phone. And Microsoft is constantly improving it even more. Latest bigger improvement is the availability to use Skye directly from the inbox, because of the built-in browser-based version that is integrated into the browser, so you don’t need any additional tools, expect a plug-in for video calls.

As you probably already know, Skype for Windows is available in both desktop and Universal versions, but for now, we don’t know which one will be installed with “Get Skype” tool, but the next build for Windows 10 Technical Preview will probably answer this question. There’s also a possibility that Microsoft will integrate pre-installed version of Skype into Windows 10, instead of offering “Get Skype” tool, but we don’t have a precise info about that.

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