Microsoft’s smart glasses are your portable nutritionist

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Microsoft was recently granted a patent for a pair of “smart glasses”. Allegedly, the augmented reality glasses that Microsoft is planning to release will make the wearer more aware of nutritional facts. The company hopes that this device will encourage healthier nutrition choices.

More about Microsoft’s smart glasses

The smart glasses will be transparent, and its sensors will pick up visual information about various food items. Moreover, this smart device can also attribute user personal settings for a specific food item.

Microsoft’s invention is extremely helpful particularly if you are allergic to various food items. It will warn you as soon as you eat something that you are allergic to.

The patent further explains:

A see-through, head mounted display and sensing devices cooperating to provide feedback on food items detected in the device field of view. Feedback can include warnings based on personal wearer needs, general nutrition information, food consumption tracking and social interactions. The system includes one or more processing devices in communication with display and the sensors which identify food items proximate to the apparatus, determine feedback information relevant to a wearer of the apparatus; and render feedback information in the display. […]

Third parties and user history is utilized to provide accurate and customized feedback for a wearer. Third party food providers can present specific nutritional information on products to a user. User health can be tracked, for both consumption and food interaction concerns, and warnings provided to a user when issues arise. The technology can be expanded for uses involving food preparation and shopping.

The next step for the augmented reality market

This won’t be the only utility the smart glasses will have. We’re sure thatMicrosoft will come up with more useful ways to use the smart glasses.

It’s is cool to think about how life would look if it were assisted with this kind of advanced technology.



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