Microsoft Store could soon host new Win32 apps

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Microsoft is working on bringing more Win32 apps to the Store so as to reduce the gap between Win32 apps and UWP apps. 

Apparently, the news about the death of UWP apps was nothing more than a rumor. As a matter of fact, Microsoft dedicated various sessions just to discuss UWP apps at its annual Build Developer Conference. 

Microsoft is basically all set to do some important changes to its platform aiming to facilitate the work of developers. They will no longer have to choose between UWP apps and Win32. Furthermore, the legacy Win32 apps will soon leverage the features of UWP. 

Microsoft is working on boosting Win32 apps

At Build 2019, many sessions were dedicated to using Visual Studio Libraries for UWP and desktop apps, using .NET Core with UWP, or allowing Win32 apps to access Windows APIs for packaged applications.

The Corporate Vice President of the Windows Developer Platform, Kevin Gallo says that the company is still working to bring Win32 apps and UWP apps closer.

He says that everything will eventually come under the category of Windows apps when Microsoft finishes the project. The tech giant aims to make its platform accessible to each and every developer. Microsoft wants the same features to be available for both types of apps.

The big M attempts to revive the  Store

Microsoft recently killed ebooks and Music categories from Microsoft Store.

The Store now just offers games, apps and movies to its users. Microsoft Store failed to compete with Apple’s App Store in terms of services. In fact, users are disappointed after the company removed direct installation links for its apps.

Users think that there is no point of visiting the Microsoft Store if they can get their apps directly from their browser. The Store has gradually started to lose its worth in Windows 10 users’ eyes.

On the other hand, Microsoft is still keen on brining more developers to work on Windows 10 apps. Currently, developers are creating UWP apps for Windows Mixed Reality devices, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox One consoles.

Now the company wants developers to rebuild their legacy desktop apps so that they can monetize them on the Store. It will be interesting to see if this recent move brings more users to the Store. 



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