Microsoft finally starts shipping long delayed Surface Hub

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A couple of months after Microsoft started taking pre-orders for its premier conference tool, the Surface Hub, the company finally began to ship it to customers a couple of days ago. The Surface Hub is aimed at enterprise and business users and ships in two variants: a 55-inch model and 84-inch model.

Surface Hub runs a modified version of Windows 10 and comes with integration with Microsoft’s main productivity tools, including Skype for Business and Office 360. The Surface Hub is indeed one of the most advanced devices for holding conferences and working in groups, wth its only flaw being the exaggerated price. The 55-inch model goes for $8,999 while Microsoft is offering the 84-inch version for $21,999.

However, businesses not willing to pay that much for Microsoft’s conference tool are covered by Microsoft, as well. The company has tstarted working on affordable business solutions for companies with lower budgets. But despite the price of the device, Microsoft assures businesses that buying the Surface Hub will save them money.

“In a recent Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Microsoft, Forrester Consulting* worked with five Surface Hub early adopter customers to outline the costs, benefits and risks for implementing Surface Hub in a business environment. This resulted in benefits of more than $850,000 (3 year NPV**) based on savings in device deployment and management costs, avoided printing and device purchase costs, and improved sales.”

Microsoft debuted the Surface Hub in June of last year and pre-orders started in July. Microsoft delayed shipments of the device a couple of times and now, businesses that ordered the device are finally starting to receive it. Microsoft hasn’t revealed any details about the number of pre-orders, but we wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of businesses already ordered Microsoft’s new business solution.


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