Surface Membership Plans offer cheap payment plans and attractive discounts for businesses

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In its fight against Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft is launching a new program to make buying Surface devices more appealing to businesses. The new Surface Membership Plans offer a series of advantages to companies allowing them to obtain the latest Surface devices and upgrade at the best possible prices.

Each of the Surface Membership Plans allow businesses to choose from three devices: the Surface Book with a $79.99 monthly payment, the Surface Pro 3 for a monthly installment of $32.99, or the Surface Pro 4 for $51.99 a month. In this manner, companies can manage their budget more easily by choosing affordable monthly payments over costly, one-time purchases.

Obviously, as with all installment plans, you pay more in the long run than if you purchased the Surface device with a one-time payment. But then again, if you choose the monthly payment option, you don’t have to come up with $1,000 on the spot.

Surface Membership Plans also include one-on-one personal training, presenting you the advantages of Microsoft’s apps for professional usage, as well as in-store and phone support any day of the week.  The plan also includes Microsoft Complete for Business Extended Service Plan with Accident Damage Protection, because Murphy’s laws say that if something can go wrong, it will.

You can also choose to include bundles in your monthly payment, with the option of adding a Type Cover Keyboard (Surface Pro 4 and 3 only), a Surface Pen (optional in Surface 3 device bundle) or a Surface Dock Station to your initial Surface device.

Surface Membership Plans are an excellent method for upgrading your device at the best price, especially when rumors suggest the Surface Book 2 could debut in 2017.

The program is designed exclusively for Microsoft’s business customers located in the United States. The tech company hasn’t said anything about the possibility of bringing the program to other countries in the future.

For more information about the terms and condition, go to Microsoft’s page.



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