This Surface VR headset is so cool Microsoft should bring it to life

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Surface VR headset design concept

Today tech companies like Lenovo and HP are interested in AR and VR headsets. Microsoft never really thought about joining the VR headset race. The company simply wants to focus on its HoloLens devices.

Today, the world is rapidly moving towards Virtual Reality but many people haven’t even heard of this exciting new technology. A virtual reality headset is a device that allows users to emerge themselves in real time into a computer-generated environment.

These headsets are typing used in the video gaming industry. However, there are many other useful implementations for trainers and simulators.

Max Dahl shared an amazing design of a Surface VR Headset. Surface VR has two cameras. The first one can be found at the top right corner and the other one is located on the left-hand side.Surface VR headset concept

However, we are still wondering the reason behind offering these two cameras at such a distance.

No separate controllers needed

Furthermore, the new design eliminates the need for a remote controller to view VR content. It allows users to use trackpads and buttons available on the left and right temple. This feature may be pretty exciting for users who are sick of carrying a remote control.

Notably, this concept design displays Microsoft’s logo in a similar manner to all the other Surface products. Most importantly, the design complements Microsoft’s Surface product line.

Microsoft should consider working in this domain because this Surface VR headset can enhance the the user experience for medical students and other professionals. And it should be cheaper than HoloLens devices.

Should Microsoft go ahead with this conceptual design? Let us know in the comments section below.


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