Microsoft Sway for Windows 10 Updated with a Bunch of New Features

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If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Sway it’s a PowerPoint alternative and speaking of Microsoft Sway, Microsoft has just updated it with some new features, so let’s have a closer look at them.

Microsoft is working hard to bring new features to Microsoft Sway, and with today’s update we’re getting some highly requested features such as Recycling bin functionality, full-screen mode, OneNote add-in support, drag and drop image support, content nesting, and Chrome Web Store support.

New Microsoft Sway Features:

First new feature on our list is the Recycle Bin, and now if you delete any files from Sway you’ll be able to see them in the Recycle Bin on Windows 10, or on Sway for iPhone and iPad.

You should also know that you can restore files from Recycle Bin, but we have to notice that you can restore Sways from Recycle Bin for only 30 days after you’ve moved them there.

Next feature on our list is the full-screen mode that was previously only available on web. Now full-screen mode is available on Windows 10, and once you click the Play button in the application your presentation will go from windowed mode to full-screen mode.


Of course, you can leave full-screen mode at any time by pressing the Escape button or by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner.

One new feature is OneNote and Sway integration that allows you to start a new Sway using the images and text from your OneNote page. This is quite a useful feature and currently it’s in preview available to English-only and Microsoft account users.

Drag and drop feature got improved as well and now you can drag and drop images from your PC or tablet into Sway for Windows 10.

Regarding the nested groups update you can group text and images on a single page. In addition, you can also have groups of content in another group, so you can make more complex presentations.

Last but not least is the addition of Sway to the Chrome Web Store and to Google Play for Education Store. Now Chromebook users and Chrome browser users can easily get access to Microsoft Sway from Google Web Store.

Microsoft did an amazing job with Sway update and it has brought many useful features to its users, and we can’t wait to see what will Sway users get in the next update.


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