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  • In order to support students in their career journey, Microsoft has announced the launch of the Career Coach app.
  • Career Coach will offer personalized guidance for higher education students helping them explore and navigate future career opportunities.
  • The app comes as additional career support offered in Microsoft Teams and powered by Linkedin.
  • Students will gain access to the app immediately after they start studying at their chosen institution.
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Career Coach is the newest Microsoft Teams for education App powered by Linkedin that aims to offer personalized guidance for graduate students.

Considering how the past years’ events impacted the global economy, Microsoft, in partnership with Linkedin have set an ambitious goal of helping higher education students get more guidance regarding their careers.

With the Career Coach app, they will be able to attain the skills required in order to land a job after graduation, in the fast pacing workingfield.

Career Coach in Microsoft Teams for Education

The uniqueness of this app is the fact that it brings personalized guidance for higher education students, which will help them find and develop the chosen career.

Starting May 2021, the Career Coach app will become available for higher education institutions to offer it to their students, supporting them throughout their entire time in the institution.

This type of support was definitely needed, as the EIU survey data also confirms, states that in 2020 46% of students have high concerns about getting a job after graduation, while more than half of them don’t trust that the education system is enough to help them succeed in the real world.

According to Eleanor Donoghue, Head of Career Services at University College Cork, Career Coach will support students at every step, helping them better explore their future opportunities:

Career Coach is embracing innovation and technological change, enhancing skills to enable our students to be resilient, innovative, and globally connected—capable of coping with technological and other transformational changes ahead for the future of work. Students can learn at their own pace, in their own time and be supported on their bespoke career development pathway.

Access to Career Coach will be granted by the institution where the student is learning, and it will be provided through Microsoft Teams.

The collaboration between Microsoft Teams and higher education institutions is not new as the app already provides an education space for students to share, collaborate or attend meetings and lectures.

Since Career Coach will be added to Microsoft Teams, students will be able to manage the entire process in the same place where they manage their school work.

All in all, the benefits of Career Coach are fantastic for students and the results will definitely be confirm it.

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