Microsoft Teams new dashboard set to enhance user experience

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Admins can now troubleshoot problems in real-time, as compared to before when they had to wait for the meeting to end. 
  • The new analytic tool has the ability to identify the root cause of the problem, making it easier to resolve.
  • Latency and jitter can be identified and controlled using the analytic tool.
What is the Microsoft Teams new dashboard

Microsoft just launched a public review of its real-time call quality analytics dashboard. It is geared to help Microsoft Teams admins to find out why the quality of audio and video during meetings was wanting. 

What to expect

This is the first time Microsoft is pulling such a move. Users can now assess the quality of the calls they make on Teams in real-time. Microsoft is vital, especially when it comes to modern hybrid-working arrangements.

The tool will especially come in handy for Team admins who run essential meetings, such as finance, health, and government. Microsoft projects an increase in the number of users because of the analytics feature incorporated.

The analytic tool helps salvage situations where immediate analytics for a meeting is needed, rather than waiting for the meeting to be adjourned.

Admins and support engineers can now troubleshoot Microsoft Teams meetings in case the quality of the call is poor. They can achieve this in real-time, especially for Microsoft users with telemetry data as the session is ongoing. 

This is an upgrade from the available analytic feature that is available. Admins can only access the data once the meeting ends. 

Microsoft Teams’ new real-time analytics tool lets admins access the audio, video, network, and content sharing challenges. Therefore, the admins can get to troubleshoot the issues in real-time as the meeting is in progress. 

Real-time troubleshooting

Admins now have access to real-time information about Teams meetings for all their users using Office 365 accounts, thanks to the new analytics tool. The report entails details about the network, devices, connectivity, audio, and video challenges. 

The information gathered will help the admins and support staff offer assistance when required, keep track of when users join and leave meetings, location details, and the operating systems.

One can also get access to wireless wide area networks, Wi-Fi networks, IP addresses. The tool will also help admins get metrics on network issues, like latency and jitter. Admins will also analyze the data from videos and audio based on the pirates and frame rates. 

Large organizations stand to benefit a great deal from this upgrade. It supports large meetings where the members are using both home and enterprise devices and networks.

Usually, it is hard to decipher whether it is the devices or the network causing a problem during the meeting. Not with the real-time analytics tool, as it will identify the root cause of the problem. 

According to Microsoft, the financial service industry is a huge beneficiary of the new analytic tool. They have been able to make use of the tool to identify and resolve issues experienced during meetings.

The tool has helped admins keep track of meetings and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Admins can single out users with jitter and packet loss and reach out to them with plausible solutions to their predicament. Therefore, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the meetings. 

Also, admins can find out when attendees of the meeting are using different networks or IP addresses. The admins can tell when a user is facing high packet loss. This allows them to troubleshoot the issue from their end. 

Future enhancements

There are plans underway by Microsoft to further enhance the analytic tool by mid-2022. The improvements will include short for government clouds, a longer retention span of data (three days). Compared to the current 24-hour retention time.

Teams will also be supported on both Chrome and Chromium. The upgrade will also have an increased signal and Wi-Fi network band.

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