Microsoft helps you set up the ideal Teams Room

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Microsoft Teams Rooms is a combination between Teams and other collaboration software and Microsoft certified hardware.
  • It might be complicated to set up a telepresence meeting for your company, so Microsoft created a video guide to help you.
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Microsoft helps you set up the ideal Teams Room

Last year, Microsoft rebranded Skype Room Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms. Since then, the software giant invested a lot in Microsoft Teams which received constant and important updates lately.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a concept that involves a combination of software and hardware to ensure an optimal meeting environment.

By software, we mean Microsoft Teams and other collaboration software like Whiteboard for instance, and by hardware we mean Microsoft certified devices.

If you’re working from home, there is not very complicated to run Microsoft Teams but what if you have to set up a conference room and to manage a meeting for your company, things get complicated.

That is why Microsoft created a video guide on how to set up an ideal Teams Room with the recommended equipment.

How can I create an ideal Microsoft Teams Room?

In the video, Microsoft underlines the most important features that can ensure the best experience in a meeting:

  • The possibility of zooming in on the speaker with remote cameras.
  • Active microphones that focus on the speaker’s voice and clear the sound.
  • Gestures like raising your hand can be used to indicate that you would like to speak.
  • Using artificial intelligence to add real-time live captions.
  • A central console for a meeting manager to control the action like a live TV program director.
  • The possibility to use an analog or digital white board during the meeting.

Microsoft also created a whole list for all the supported devices for Teams Rooms.

If you’re not using Microsoft Teams, you could also check our list with the best collaboration software for Windows 10.

Does your company use Microsoft Teams Rooms? Tell us about your experience in the Comments section below.