Microsoft is introducing Teams Shared Device License for enterprise users

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  • Great news on the horizon for all the Teams enterprise customers out there.
  • Microsoft is bringing Shared Device License to help with daily tasks and more.
  • Check out how much this plan will cost and what benefits you get from buying it.
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Even if, before, probably not that many people were using Teams, since the COVID-19 pandemic started this new era of hybrid work, a lot more users have been joining the ranks.

And, with the ongoing shift to hybrid work where online communication and collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important, Microsoft is constantly improving this app.

Today, the Redmond-based tech company has announced a new license type called Teams Shared Device for enterprise customers.

What is the Microsoft Teams Shared Device License?

To make it simpler, the Teams Shared Device license is a rebrand of the existing Common Area Phone (CAP) license so that it can adapt to and cover more scenarios.

In case you didn’t know, a CAP license is recommended for enterprises that use a Teams device in an area that is being actively used by multiple people, such as a lobby or a reception.

This new Teams Shared Device license for the Teams app will continue to offer the functionalities you got from the CAP license but also expand to address more use cases for customers using Teams Displays and Teams Panels.

Speaking of Teams, we can help if you want to record a Microsoft Teams meeting on your device but don’t know how to.

Circling back, you should know that this is primarily aimed at Teams customers who use the above-mentioned devices but do not want to pay a premium for all the other functionalities that a Teams Rooms license brings.

As far as Teams Displays go, the Teams Shared Device license enables hotdesking and is also the recommended license for Teams Panels.

Of course, already existing CAP capabilities for Teams Phone devices will be under the umbrella of the new license as well.

Interested parties should know that Teams Shared Device license will launch at the end of 2022 across all channels for $8 per device per month.

While you wait for this, customers are requested to get in touch with their Microsoft account executives to better understand what license suits them.

Thus, if you absolutely want one-touch meeting join, you should get a Teams Rooms license since the Teams Shared Device license does not support this capability.

If you need assistance with situations such as operation failure with Unexpected Error in Teams, just know that you came to the right place.

What is your take on this new paid functionality for Microsoft Teams? Share your opinions and ideas with us in the dedicated comments section below.

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