Microsoft Teams to dominate everywhere including the office

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft is working hard to drive the Teams app towards more collaboration with other platforms.
  • Users will now be able to perform a wider range of actions from the latest updates.
  • In the previous year, Microsoft Teams has been updated severally to incorporate more useful features.
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The new year seems to bring more good tidings for Microsoft Teams users judging from the latest updates.

Microsoft Teams is adding two new capabilities designed to make it easier for meeting room users to accommodate one another.

Perhaps this could divert the attention from earlier where the app and other Microsoft services were facing a downtime.

Two new capabilities

The first will allow users to check out of meeting rooms if their own sessions have ended earlier than expected. 

The idea is that someone who has finished an earlier-than-expected session can signal their availability for others in the room by checking out provided there will be no clashing.

The second capability will allow users to extend existing reservations on a case-by-case basis if they are not at risk of overlapping with other bookings. 

Previously, extending a reservation was not permitted. There was always the option of booking a new reservation and ending the old one, but doing so could create clashes and cause disruptions for other people in the room.

The capabilities are fairly new and still in the development stage so users should expect them to roll out sometime in May.

Teams heading to the office

A couple of years ago, the idea of working remotely would be unthinkable for many organisations, but with the advent of hybrid working and a growing threat of the global pandemic, flexibility is becoming essential.

In fact, it’s predicted that more and more employees will work at least some days away from their main office. Since you can now access your files offline, it makes it easier.

As more and more workers choose to ditch their commute and work from home, companies are starting to realise that they need to change their approach and embrace a more flexible approach to working. 

To this end, Microsoft has announced new features designed to make it easier for companies to embrace hybrid working and maintain a cohesive team in an increasingly mobile workforce.

With the world still reeling from the outbreak of the pandemic, many businesses have had to change their approach to ensure that employees can continue to work safely from home. 

A common way of doing this is through cloud-based video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams. Now, Microsoft is adding a range of new features so that Teams can also facilitate in-office meetings too.

For some, it is a much welcomed move while for others, It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but there will soon be no escape from Microsoft Teams, even in the office. The chat-based collaboration platform is expanding its reach by leaps and bounds.

What do you think of the new capabilities on the horizon for Teams? Is it supporting hybrid working or becoming a nuisance in the office? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.