Microsoft bets on Teams again, this time with Top Hits

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • It seems that Microsoft is relentlessly hard at work, perfecting Teams from all possible angles.
  • The Redmond company is now adding a feature called Top Hits to the popular communication app.
  • Top Hits is designed to improve the current autosuggest feature, further increasing the accuracy and precision of the search tool.
  • Another goal for this integration is that of improving discovery and reducing search times.
Teams Top Hits

So, the latest news involving Teams relates to getting a new feature aimed at improving its search functionality.

Its official name will be Top Hits and it will be added to automatically generate the most relevant search results for the user.

Microsoft is still relentlessly striving to make Teams even more popular by adding a whole bunch of features to it ever since COVID-19 began wreaking havoc globally.

Some of these new additions include video calls, file sharing, and walkie-talkie functions. The company has also made it possible for Microsoft Teams users to merge work and personal accounts in the same app, at the same time.

New Top Hits feature coming to Teams

Judging from an entry in the Microsoft 365 Cloud PC service roadmap, the Top Hits section will auto-suggest the most relevant results across chats, files, people, and other content stored or shared in the app.

While using this feature, you should be able to find what you searched much faster.

It will most likely be built on the AI-enabled search feature which already existed on Teams earlier. It will be on the lines of a universal search feature.

The Redmond company informed us that the Top Hits feature is still under development and is expected to roll out by the end of September.

The much-expected integration will improve the current autosuggest feature, improving the accuracy and precision of the search tool.

The Redmond tech giant also stated that the addition will help improve discovery and reduce search times which will help the user save valuable time.   

Teams is ready to become the top communication app

Even though Teams has been around for quite some time now, the mother company wasn’t yet done with grooming it for the role it’s about to take.

And if all the recent tweaks that this application received weren’t enough to convince, you, maybe the fact that they all come prior to the release of the new OS will.

Windows 11 will also mean the end of Teams’ internship and the beginning of a new era in online communication.

Don’t get us wrong, Teams has been highly used until now as well, but starting with the official launch of Windows 11, it will no longer be a choice, it will become a habit to use Teams.

Especially now that Microsoft has decided to bundle it with the upcoming operating system, which only strengthens this theory.

And since the global work environment is more hybrid orientated, the enhanced phishing protection features Teams also received are more than welcome.

Microsoft is pushing Teams into Skype’s all office, but doing it without throwing Skype a bon voyage party, even if the app is slowly making its way out of everybody’s PCs.

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