A new Microsoft Teams update makes it more webinar oriented

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • Video conferencing for hours can be tremendously difficult especially since more and more meetings are held online.
  • Microsoft Teams will begin to roll out the new features that will improve users' experience in online meetings.
  • The webinars feature allows for the delivery of professional presentations for up to 1,000 attendees.
  • With the PowerPoint live feature, both hosts and participants will have a new set of tools that they can use during meetings.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the latest improvements regarding Microsoft Teams that will help improve the delivery of professional presentations in webinars and meetings.

Recent changes in how everyone had to adjust to the working space have also inspired Microsoft to improve and bring new solutions that will allow professionals to perform at a high level.

Needing to use several tools to complete a job that would otherwise be easily done in the face to face environment has definitely been a challenge but Microsoft has done a pretty good job.

Microsoft Teams improved features

The new features that allegedly will create such thing are Webinars, PowerPoint live, and Presenter mode, as Microsoft states:

With these capabilities, you have new ways to deliver polished, professional presentations in meetings of all sizes, from small internal meetings to large customer-facing webinars and events—all from a single application.

Teams will now allow for meetings of up to 1,000 attendees, using end-to-end webinar support that will include registration pages, participants’ email, presentation options, and more.

In case the webinars will be larger than 1,000 participants, Teams will accommodate a 10,000 view-only broadcast experience for them. It is expected though that this feature will be expanded by the end of 2021:

If you need to reach more than 1,000 attendees, Teams meetings can seamlessly scale to accommodate a 10,000-person view-only broadcast experience. During this time of increased remote work, we’ve expanded the attendee limit to 20,000 through the end of this year.

Moreover, this feature will also offer the possibility to create a post-event report that will help the hosts keep in touch with attendees more easily.

With the PowerPoint Live feature attendees and participants have both gained several new features as we have already outlined in this article.

And lastly, the Presenter mode has been another feature that will roll out this month and will allow presenters to customize their video feed and content.

These features are all enhancing video conferencing and webinars experience making them more engaging and taking away some of the discomfort of having to watch a screen for so many hours.

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