Microsoft brings back deleted Technet and MSDN blogs

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft brings back deleted Technet and MSDN blogs

Microsoft is finally bringing back the TechNet and MSDN blogs after facing strong criticism from Windows users.

These blogs were used by Microsoft’s employees for communicating with developers and promote new technologies. The deleted content included Windows 7, Windows 8 and Office 2010 blogs. 

Microsoft employees used TechNet and MSDN blogs to give insights into various projects and discuss different technology innovations.

These blogs were indeed a valuable source of information for Windows users.

The decision to remove these two blogs put Microsoft under huge criticism. As a matter of fact, the tech giant didn’t expect Technet and MSDN to have such huge support from users.

Technet and MSDN revived as read-only archives

Later on, Microsoft promised to address users’ concern and to provide a better experience by creating a static read-only blog archive. 

The company recently tweeted about restoring thousands of blog post. 

Thank you for your patience, we have now re-activated thousands of MSDN and TechNet blogs while we continue to work on the longer-term blog archive.

However, some users were annoyed by the fact that Microsoft didn’t activate the Russian version of these blogs. He said:

Apparently, you haven’t reactivated everything.  […] You’ve reactivated the English versions of these blogs, but not the Russian ones. Is this some kind of language discrimination? Fix it, please.

However, Microsoft already made it clear that the restore process is not possible overnight taking into account the huge amount of content.

If you are a fan of these blogs, you will have to wait a few days until Microsoft had restored all the blog posts.


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