Thunderbolt Dock bug causes attached devices to stop working

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Some users utilize Thunderbolt Docks to connect devices with their laptops and desktops. Those users should take note of a new Microsoft Windows Support page about a Thunderbolt Dock bug. The page warns users that there is a small chance devices attached to a Thunderbolt Dock might stop working.

Microsoft’s recent Thunderbolt bulletin says there is a 5 percent chance devices attached to a Thunderbolt Dock will stop working. The bug pertains to Windows 10 versions from 1709 to the current 1909. Devices attached to Thunderbolt Docks for users utilizing those build versions with Fast Startup enabled might stop working.

Thunderbolt Dock

However, Thunderbolt Dock devices might only stop working based on a very specific scenario. Microsoft outlines the steps for that scenario as follows:

  1. User connects a Thunderbolt Dock to a PC to enumerate the devices connected to it.
  2. User presses the power button to place PC into a Soft Off (S5) power state.
  3. Thereafter, the user removes the Thunderbolt Dock from PC when the screen goes blank.
  4. After the S5 process finishes, the user then reconnects Thunderbolt Dock with PC.
  5. With the Thunderbolt Dock idle, the user turns the PC back on.

After that, there is a 5 percent chance the devices connected to dock will not work. Device Manager will still list the devices, but they still will not work. Reattaching the devices will not resolve the issue.

However, Microsoft informs users that all they need to do to resolve the bug is restart their systems. So, that is a very simple fix for a bug that will only impact a very small minority of users. To ensure the bug does not arise in the first place, do not place a PC into Soft Off state.

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