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Microsoft is slowly making good on the promises it made when introducing Microsoft To-Do back in April in making the task management app available for download on iPads. Until this latest update, Microsoft To-Do had only been available in preview form for Android, Windows 10, iOS, and web.

Microsoft To-Do will eventually replace Wunderlist, an asset that came with the acquisition of the app’s developer 6Wunderkinder in 2015. But, Microsoft promised that Wunderlist will not be retired until Microsoft To-Do has all of Wunderlist’s best features. And besides its range of features, multi-platform support is one of the reasons Wunderlist is much loved by its loyal users.

As well as retaining Wunderlist’s core features, like due dates, reminders, and notes, Microsoft launched Microsoft To-Do with a new My Day feature that makes it easy to add upcoming to-dos, unfinished tasks, and other items the app will suggest automatically.

Also, Microsoft To-Do version 1.13 includes support for the iOS 11 update. Most of the updates in version 1.13, however, are fixes to some of the issues raised by the app’s early users. These include:

  • Sending reminders for to-do items from deleted lists
  • A bug that made it difficult to edit existing reminders
  • Mismatched list orders across devices
  • Reordering lists on iOS devices shouldn’t cause crashes anymore since the iOS 11 update is now supported

As it is, the app is still some way off to matching Wunderlist’s level of function. Yes, it is faster, the interface looks cleaner, and the app will work well if all you need is to take notes and set a few reminders, but it still lacks integration with outside services as well as Wunderlist does and does not yet support list sharing. And even though the iPad support unveiled in its latest update is welcome, there is still no macOS support.

Microsoft clearly isn’t trying to make a Wunderlist clone with Microsoft To-Do. There are going to be new features added and likely some old ones from Wunderlist canned. Indeed, the company hinted that developers are going to be more intentional about helping people accomplish more with their day. They contend this is already happening as more people are now completing their tasks on Microsoft To-Do than on Wunderlist.

One way of doing that, seeing the app is now hooked to Office 365, is pushing the app more towards business users who perhaps have a greater incentive in completing their tasks than, for example, shoppers. By making Microsoft To-Do smarter than Wunderlist, developers hope to cut down on the need for constant notifications and reminders.

Perhaps to assuage fears the app would one day be barely recognizable from the one it retired, Microsoft has promised the team that built Wunderlist will continue to be behind Microsoft To-Do. Just as well that the app is only available in Preview mode, and that Wunderlist won’t be shut down until all of its predecessor’s core features have been replicated. However, there is a feeling among its users that many won’t be switching until that happens.

You can download Microsoft To-Do on your iPad from iTunes.



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