New Microsoft To Do version adds a new look and more features

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Microsoft To Do new version

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Microsoft just announced the release of a new version of To Do.

The new Microsoft To Do comes with a fresh new design, improved integration with Microsoft apps and services, and improved access from wherever you are.

Microsoft To Do app gets a design overhaul based on Wunderlist

The new customization features are aimed at Wunderlist users. The tech giant is trying to bring the best of both worlds together, replacing Wunderlist with a newer, better To Do.

The change that you’ll notice right away is the addition of more colours and ways to personalize the app. Along with that, a wide range of backgrounds is included.

Wunderlist users haven’t been forgotten, as the beloved Berlin TV tower background is included. Furthermore, from now you’ll be able to choose a different background for every list.

Of course, To Do dark mode is available on Android, Windows, Mac, and soon on IOS.

To keep the familiar feel of Wunderlist, To Do features smart lists to see all your important plans and task in one single list. The new addition is My Day, which is a personalized daily planner feature.

My Day will help you accomplish your daily tasks, offer smart suggestions based on them, and reset each day so you can have a clean slate. Tasks that weren’t completed will remain in suggestions.

To Do is more secure and integrated in Microsoft’s ecosystem microsoft to do new features

To Do is now available and can be synced across multiple platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and the web. Also, you’re able to quickly toggle between work and personal accounts with ease.

Furthermore, Microsoft has integrated To Do with more apps and services:

  • Flag messages are now found in the Flagged Email List in Outlook, Hotmail, or Live.
  • The Assigned to Me list is now integrated with Microsoft Planner. You can add your assigned tasks to My Day.
  • To Do is now integrated with Cortana, and you can now add tasks from your Amazon Echo
  • If you’re on Android and use Microsoft Launcher, To Do is integrated there too.

Lastly, the security of your data is now enhanced with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This way, you’ll be able to always keep your lists protected.



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