Microsoft updates To-Do app, enhances functionality and revamps UI

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Those who have very busy schedules are probably no strangers to apps like To-Do, which provide quite a bit of help with keeping things under control.

However, Microsoft’s To-Do app had a couple of concerning issues that might have kept users from giving it a try.

Following a very recent update, the app is now in a much better shape and it’s definitely worth a try.

Microsoft To-Do is available in the Windows Store for Windows users and features a couple important changes.

  • The app has been fine-tuned so that when it is open, users will encounter a much higher performance display
  • The app features a new UI which looks a lot better and is easier to take in, with new gradients and symbols that are no longer tiresome for the eye
  • Multiple features previously available in the app are now in tip-top shape, including the Catchup Card and To-Do list
  • Screen readers also get some support, as there were multiple fixes added that deal with this precise issue from the previous version of the app
  • Microsoft also teases at a potential pen and paper custom theme or look for the app, as the Windows maker lightly invites users to snoop around and see what kind of surprise they can find.

Updating Microsoft To-Do

microsoft to do

Updating the app is very simple, as is downloading it for the first time. Regardless if a user is trying to give the app a try for the first time or update their currently installed version, all they need to do is visit the Windows Store.

In the Windows Store, the app is available for both download and update and it will only take a couple of seconds for the process to complete.

The first of many?

While getting a new, useful update is exciting, many are wondering whether this means there will be other apps getting the update treatment in the near future.

After all, more utility never hurt anyone, and Windows consumers can definitely use more utility.



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