Microsoft update will help businesses level up productivity

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • With increased files on one's computer, it has led to employees missing important communication or failure to complete important work, this is where new updates on OneDrive comes in.
  • Microsoft OneDrive will help employees to track their work chronologically working on any edits that might have been made on their files thus reducing the risk of missing on any updates.
  • The new updates will help users to have control over who has access to their files and make it easy for users to access their files.

The OneDrive activity feed is bringing together a series of recent activities on documents created, modified and collaborated by users.The new feature will also direct you to where edits took place so you’re not forced to hunt files down.

To make sure it doesn’t, Microsoft is working on some OneDrive updates that will do more to help remote workers get their jobs done.

Users will see which documents they’ve shared have edits and comments, thanks to the Activity column on the ‘My Files’ page.

Though still under development, the new feature should roll out any time soon.

The OneDrive updates

If you’ve been more reliant on Microsoft OneDrive over the past year for collaboration within your organization, then this update will simplify some of those processes.

In an update to its OneDrive cloud storage service, Microsoft has revealed new features that could change the way your team collaborates and creates content for good.

As work becomes more collaborative, you’ve probably gotten used to responding to feedback on the fly. But that can be tricky when you have a document open from your laptop and another from your mobile device. 

Instead of figuring out which version is most up-to-date, you could miss an important comment or question about a shared live document or spreadsheet.

The new Microsoft update will make it easier for you to track changes in your documents and images files. And it could save you hours of frustration trying to figure out the most recent version of your files.

New update build-up

Users will note that this update comes just after the rollout of a number of features added earlier to the cloud storage service, all of which revolve around enhanced sharing and collaborative capabilities.

The goal is to advance the usability and capabilities of OneDrive so it can compete in a continually growing and evolving market.

The new pinning system and simplified interface make it easier than ever to locate files quickly and manage your organization’s cloud storage, helping increase  productivity in the process.

Following a number of changes to its product, Microsoft hopes OneDrive will soon become the go-to cloud storage option for businesses.

Have you encountered difficulties in handling several files on one computer as an employee or employer? Are you excited about the new features on Microsoft OneDrive? Let us know from the comments box below.