Microsoft uses the best of Google and Apple in its Windows 10 strategy

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They say that Microsoft is becoming more like Apple these days. And by they, I mean even the CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. And when you think about it, it actually makes sense: Microsoft is selling the Surface tablet, one it’s making on its own, including the software. Sound similar? We were telling you about this in our previous article and we’re sure Surface deserves to be a worthy iPad opponent.

Microsoft is a Google-Apple hybrid

Microsoft is mimicking the way Apple and Google works. Apple has its own OS and its own products but doesn’t license either to others. Microsoft has its own OS and makes its own devices but licenses them to others, making Microsoft more like Google because Google has its Nexus line, the smartpone and 7-inch tablet. We’re expecting a 10-inch tablet to be soon released, as well.

Thanks to this, Microsoft will win because users are already accustomed to the way things work. They buy Android tablets but they know Google has a special one; they’ll do the same thing with Windows 8 and Windows 10. However, it’s hard to imagine that Microsoft will manage to promote and market their Surface devices as much as Apple does. Still, Microsoft is pushing and promoting Windows 8 much better than Apple does with its iOS or macOS.

Like it or not, Apple is becoming a little boring: people know there’s an iPhone, iPad and iOS and there are incremental updates to their products – nothing revolutionary these days. At least, not since Steve Jobs died. Microsoft has made quite a huge move with Windows and even Bill Gates agrees. Think about it: how much has Windows evolved from Microsoft 95 until now and how much has Apple evolved with its OS X?

Windows 8 and Windows 10 has appeared thanks to the iPad and Android

Google is another thing and more different still than these two it’s still a company based on advertising, with most of its revenue from that. But, it’s slowly becoming a products company and they already have the following in their portfolio:

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Say thanks, Microsoft

  • Chromebook
  • Nexus smartphone
  • Nexus tablet

And we couldn’t possibly forget that Motorola is now owned by Google, even if many say it was bought it for its huge portfolio patents since Motorola basically invented the mobile phone. Still, Google is not yet a company that can rely on physical products yet Microsoft is learning from them. How? By understanding just how important mobile is. Basically, companies like Google made mobile that important and crucial in technological breakthrough. Microsoft understood that and they didn’t wait too much and came up with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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Microsoft was brave – the world is not yet entirely mobile or touch or portable, but thanks to Google’s bet on mobile and Apple’s boldness with the iPad, Redmond developed Windows 8 and 10. Basically, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is the fruit of the iPad and the internet, as weird as that might not sound. Apple crafted the first commercially available, well polished tablet in the world, forcing other OEM to create tablets. Google kept improving search and developed Android, seriously contributing to smartphone development outside Apple’s yard. But now, the iPad is afraid of what it has contributed to.


Windows products

Windows has launched a series of tablets and laptops which are competing with Apple and Google products. Windows Central mention that five years ago Microsoft launched the Surface tablet – a bestseller, and right now they are preparing to launch to launch even a LTE version of their Surface Pro, a product which is very similar to the iPad Pro. Let’s have a quick look at other products they have released since 2012 :

These products, and many others to come, show the Microsoft’s adaptability to the market and its ability to remain fresh for the consumers. We hope Microsoft will continue like this for the future in drawing inspiration from other companies.

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