Microsoft UWP games come to Xbox One later this year

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The first breeze of UWP that we got was last year during the Build conference hosted by Microsoft. For those that aren’t familiar, UWP stands for Unified Windows Platform and the initiative has the objective of uniting all of Microsoft’s existing services and platforms under one roof.

The implementation of this feature had started right away, with developers being given access to the needed support for making apps UWP ready. However, games weren’t part of the first chapter of UWP’s development story. In 2017, Microsoft promises to add games to the UWP project and bring them to the Xbox One platform in 2017.

The first iteration of UWP has been worked on and improved within the Anniversary Update for Microsoft Windows 10, but it doesn’t look like the upcoming Creators Update will also feature UWP related improvements.

Without full and free access to the Creators Update, developers are unable to fully work on developing and providing feedback for UWP games. To get into the Preview version of the Creators Update, you will require a special invitation to a top ranking level of Microsoft’s Insider Preview program, which not everyone has access to.

Microsoft UWP Games

Microsoft has officially confirmed that not all developers will be given access to UWP games, meaning that the entire process might suffer in terms of how long it will take to implement the feature. Not having the man power of all developers could be a wrong move for Microsoft, but it is too early to talk about that since UWP games haven’t been yet integrated into the ecosystem.

Many believe that the promised support will drop within the package of updates referred to as Redstone 3. Redstone 3, according to Microsoft, has been scheduled to be made available for testing in the second half of 2017, which is still a while away.

Even though we don’t know for sure when we can expect them to drop, UWP games are bound to be released this year. Meaning that enthusiastic multi-platform gamers will game something to look forward too. This will give people the opportunity of playing games with their friends which are using another platform.



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