Microsoft is shutting down Windows App Studio

by Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft is shuttering the Windows App Studio, the company’s web-based app development tool, news that came last week from the Windows Apps Team. On the other hand, this should not alarm users as the company has already prepared a replacement for it.

Windows App Studio is getting replaced by Visual Template Studio

Windows App Studio has been the principal location when it comes to the first steps in app development. The app started as a Windows app and over the years it transformed and finally became available for desktop operating systems, including, of course, Windows 10.

Now, the Windows App Studio is being replaced by the Windows Template Studio, which you can already find available. This brand new program is an extension of Visual Studio, and the media reports said that it is more complex than the previous app. You can get the Visual Template Studio for free and included in the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.

From July 15, the Windows App Studio website will not register new users. Already existing users will be able to download their complete applications. From September 15, the web-based app editor will stop working and from December 1, the app will be completely shut down.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that the company gives its thanks to all users of Windows App Studio and it wants to make sure that they will manage to have a smooth transition when Windows App Studio service ends on December 1 this year.

Microsoft promised to provide multiple email communications to the app’s users in the period between now and December 1, and the company wanted to be upfront and clear that users will still have a path that will offer them the opportunity to continue building great applications for Windows 10.


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