Word Editor pane updated with new features to help users write better

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Microsoft Word is the standard software solution for its category since it is used across the globe to create documents and convey information. To that end, the popular writing software from Microsoft’s Office suite is now receiving a new update that replaces the classic Spelling & Grammar tab in Microsoft Word. Instead, users will have a brand new pane called Editor.

Microsoft Word Editor is a great tool for beginners and veterans in a hurry alike

There are several things that Editor does a lot better than the Spelling & Grammar tab. While it still serves as a tool that helps writers notice and corrects their spelling mistakes, it now adds valuable pointers on how to improve their work and customize feedback according to each writer’s writing style. It will also give out vocabulary tips. This will be a very useful feature for those that find themselves at a loss for synonyms and end up overusing different terms. Here is what Microsoft had to say exactly about the new Editor feature:

“Editor, your digital writing assistant in Word, is now even more helpful. The new Editor pane gives you additional information from its advanced spelling, grammar and writing style recommendations. It also makes it easy to scan your whole document. This experience replaces the Spelling & Grammar pane and incorporates inclusive design best practices to be accessible for the visually impaired.”

More for Office users

Word isn’t the only Office tool getting some attention: alongside it, Microsoft is bringing a new feature to PowerPoint called QuickStarter but there aren’t many more details about it. As of now, both features have been deployed to users on the Insider program in the Fast Ring.



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