Microsoft’s Xbox Academy can improve the future of gaming

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by Claudiu Andone
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  • The gaming industry is one of the motors behind graphics and computing development in general.
  • Microsoft is trying to encourage young game developers by launching Xbox Academy, an online training environment for them.
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Xbox Academy online training sessions could improve the future of gaming

Not long ago we were excited about Microsoft’s advancements in AI, but artificial intelligence agents are just players in a game that needs to be still designed by humans.

For that purpose, Microsoft launched an online digital workshop called Xbox Academy to help the next generation of videogame creators get the front stage faster.

What is Xbox Academy all about?

The Xbox Academy will be a training environment for the basic functions of designing and developing games. And it’s free, so if you’re an aspiring talent give it a try.

Microsoft is putting up together this workshop with the help of East London Arts and Music (ELAM), Games London, and Playground Games, (BAFTA winner for Forza Horizon 4 last year).

It’s a real pleasure to work with the talented people of Playground Games and Microsoft Store in delivering these sessions. Many of the students at ELAM have started their education in games development and other areas based on the inspiration from industry leaders just like the game creators at Playground, so we know how valuable sessions like this are.

, said Curtis Le Blanc, Director of Games at East London Arts and Music.

What you need to do is get to the Xbox Academy website, register for one of the four sessions, and download the latest versions of Unity and 3D Game Kit.

The 90-minute sessions will run on September 12 and 13. Spaces are limited so get your clicks faster.

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