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Microsoft’s Health App is finally available for PCs and tablets running Windows 10. Of course, using your Windows 10 laptop or tablet as a fitness tool is a bit more difficult to put into practice but the Health App on large devices can be useful in the presence of Microsoft’s Band 2.

The app has the exact configuration and features as the Health app for phones so if you’ve already used the Health app on your Windows phone, it will be very easy for you to use the desktop version of the app.

  • You can set wellness goals to help you live a healthier life. The information is presented in full-color, easily-understandable charts and graphs in the phone app or on the web dashboard. In this manner you can track your progress and adjust your actions accordingly.
  • You can also personalize the tracking settings depending on your activities: custom your fitness goals, set running, biking, golfing or working out objectives. For the best possible results, don’t quit until you reach your objectives.
  • You can also map your run or ride with GPS. You can also follow exercise prompts with Guided Workouts right on your band.
  • Stay connected with email, text, calendar, call alerts, and social updates while exercising. Take care of your body and stay up-to-date with the latest emails and social media posts.

Users like this update and consider its notifications to work better and syncing to be faster when compared the desktop version of the app:

Notifications are working better in this version (could be Preview OS on phone also). Added features like Explore tile add even more value.

Other users suggest that Microsoft should include support for a Bluetooth scales, upgrade the Band and make it waterproof, and allow the app able to pull data from other devices and not just the band:

Great update on the Universal App and the Explore Tile. Just add support for a bluetooth scale and make the Band waterproof and i’ll never complain again.

You can download Microsoft’s Health app from the Microsoft Store.



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