Microsoft’s interest in iOS makes Windows phone users feel betrayed

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Many analysts and users are convinced that the end of Windows Phone is near. There are a series of signs that seem to confirm this hypothesis: Windows phone’s market share continues to drop, Microsoft itself limited the Windows 10 experience on a series of mobile devices, the latest Windows 10 Mobile builds didn’t bring any new features to the table, and others.

Somehow, Windows Phone users became used to the situation and accepted the fact that Microsoft lost interest in its mobile platform. Despite that, they remained faithful to their Windows 10 Mobile phones and kept hoping things would change for the better. But user attitude has dramatically changed recently due to Microsoft’s increasing interest in other mobile operating systems.

Microsoft embraces Android and iOS

The latest Windows 10 PC build brings “Continue on PC” to Android and iOS. This particular piece of news shocked Windows 10 Mobile users who started to ask Microsoft a series of questions on social media, demanding explanations and a definite answer about the future of Windows phones.

Hey Joe! Why promoting iPhones so much lately? Have you forgotten Windows Phones or are the rumors true that they are dead?

Microsoft replied saying that the company doesn’t think of iPhone as just “competitor”. Joe Belfiore, corporate vice-president at MS, added that there are hundreds of millions of iPhone-carrying customers and the company aims to support them.

While Microsoft’s effort to support Android and iOS users are to be appreciated, one question remains unanswered: why isn’t Microsoft supporting its own Windows Phone users?

A strange decision

Windows Phone users reacted and said they wish Microsoft was more like Apple in how it shows love for its product. Some even suggested that the company’s attitude confirms that even Microsoft doesn’t believe in Windows 10 Mobile. Other users even went as far as labeling Microsoft as “sell outs”.

Not a competitor? Windows will die without mobile strategy. Phone everything in 2017. Apple eating your lunch while you promote their stuff.

Only time will tell is Windows will indeed die without a mobile strategy. The fact is that mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, with desktop systems falling behind.

For many Windows Phone users, Microsoft’s interest in Android and iOS is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Feeling betrayed, many said they will be switching platforms in the near future.

How do you interpret Microsoft’s increasing support for Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below.


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