Microsoft’s keyboard types in 4 languages at the same time

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Changing the keyboard layout to another language can be extremely confusing because it's hard to find all the characters.
  • Microsoft has a new keyboard patent that will solve this problem using prisms and light.
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Mcrosoft patent for keyboard

Whether you have your keyboard in English or your native language when you want to type in another language, you will find yourself in a really annoying situation.

Even if you use a mapping software it can be a nightmare to learn which character goes where on the keyboard in the new layout.

A new Microsoft patent for a revolutionary keyboard aims to solve that problem in what seems to be a really simple manner.

How does the Microsoft keyboard function?

You can study the patent if you want but we will explain it shortly.

Basically, under each key, there is a prism that reflects the light in the shape of a character on each of the four sides and displays them on the corresponding side of the key.

Of course, as we’re talking about light, the characters may change in a million ways so one key will display 4 different characters at one time but changing the layout brings endless possibilities.

The keyboard could revolutionize the way we type in the future but we have to remember that this is only a patent at this moment.

The other way we could do the same thing is by making each key a little LCD screen that would change the image together with the software layout, right?

Does anybody remember the Optimus keyboard?

In the meantime, here’s an excellent guide on how to add or remove keyboard layouts in Windows 10.

What do you think about Microsoft’s keyboard patent? Would you enjoy such a keyboard? Leave us your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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