Microsoft’s new Xbox plan is underway, Sony unable to counter

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Microsoft is looking to return to the glory days of the Xbox 360 with the announcement of two consoles during its E3 2016 press conference. The company first announced the Xbox One S then ended the conference with the announcement of Project Scorpio.

As expected, the Xbox One S is a slimmer version of the original console. All the ports are here, but if you have a Kinect, you’d need to grab a USB adapter because the regular Kinect port is absent on the Xbox One S — a clear sign that Microsoft is abandoning Kinect and is moving on to grander things. With its new design, 2TB of internal storage along and the ability to playback 4K video content, Microsoft is surely on a roll here.

Interestingly enough, the controller managed to catch our eye due to some slight changes and tweaks. Its handle should deliver better grip for the hand, a great addition from our point of view.

Scorpio is the hardware Microsoft is hoping to dominate the console gaming space with going forward. In the minds of many, announcing Project Scorpio so early is a sign of desperation and will give Sony time to improve upon its own upcoming device, the PlayStation Neo.

It’s possible to see why people will feel this way, but if the rumors of the Neo’s 2016 release date to complement its PSVR headset, then there’s nothing much the company can do right now. We’re already halfway through the year, so any changes in components right now would require more hardware testing and such would push the launch date into 2017. Sony won’t do this because as powerful the PlayStation 4 is right now, it is not good enough for VR.

Sony will need a console this year to truly show what VR is capable of or risk endangering its chances of coming out on top with PSVR. For VR to be successful, it needs strong hardware and software support — and guess what: both go hand in hand.

By setting up a release of Project Scorpio in holiday 2017, Microsoft is ensuring it doesn’t anger its fan base and eat into the Xbox One S success. Phil Spencer also spoke of 4K gaming, but we know how difficult it is for even high-end gaming PCs to run games at 4K, so we’re a bit skeptical about the claim.



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