Microsoft’s Skype deploys rogue ads that can harm your computer

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System security is a topic that’s always in the news and the latest addition to the chaos are the rogue ads generated by popular communications app provided by Microsoft, Skype.

Skype has gone rogue

These rogue ads are a huge security concern and obviously, Skype users weren’t exactly thrilled about the fact that these ads are now present on Skype’s home page. These malicious ads pose in the form of an update for Flash but are anything but.

It’s a little more complicated than it sounds

Here is what security specialists are saying about this malicious ad problem found within Microsoft’s Skype rogue ads:

The “fake Flash” ad, designed to target Windows machines, pushed a download, which when opened would trigger obfuscated JavaScript. The code starts a new command line, then deletes the application that the user just opened, and runs a PowerShell command, which then downloads a JavaScript Encoded Script (JSE) from a domain that no longer exists, likely one of many disposable domains used to hide an attacker’s operations.

In the end, the ad tricks people by pretending it has a software update ready to download but instead downloads a payload which will probably deploy malicious software on the infected PC. All this can turn out to be a very bad security risk for a computer, which is why it’s very important to stay attentive to what’s being downloaded at any given time.



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