Microsoft’s Windows 11 SE cannot be reinstalled once removed

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • You cannot reinstall Windows 11 SE once you have uninstalled it from your PC hardware.
  • Microsoft Intune can be used to monitor both standard Windows versions and Windows 11 SE.
  • Microsoft removed a couple of features from Windows 11 SE to make it more user friendly for students. 

Microsoft just launched the Surface Laptop for use in schools, retailing at $250. This is in the fight against Chromebooks. But the cost-friendly prices will not suffice.

Chromebooks are quite popular among educational facilities because of Chrome OS. The Chrome OS works perfectly with low-end devices.

Chromebooks are also quite easy to manage, giving administrators an easy time. It is also difficult to alter the normal functioning of the device with malware and unsupported applications. 

Tailored for educational purposes

Microsoft’s counter to the Chrome OS is the Windows 11 SE. Windows 11 SE is a unique version of Windows providing users with a cheap license. It runs on fewer applications, making it the perfect fit for educational use

Windows 11 SE allows users to save all their files including the profile information to their individual students’ OneDrive accounts. This version thrives best in low-end devices. 

However, there are a couple of features that have been scrapped from this version to ensure that it provides students with an enabling environment that fosters studies. 

The operating system on these devices allows the administrators to exclusive access to apps and browser extensions. Microsoft Intune allows the installation process to take place. 

Windows 11 SE availability

According to Microsoft,  Windows 11 SE cannot be bought and installed onto PC and laptops. This is a major setback as schools now have to get new hardware that will allow them to benefit from the new Windows 11 SE.

You can only access the Windows 11 SE only if the laptop you get comes with it already pre-installed. it is worth noting that you can update these devices to Windows 10 or even Windows 11. 

However,  you will not be able to reinstall Windows 11 SE onto your device once you remove it from your device. Microsoft pulled the same stunt with the licenses on the ARM versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

These versions are available on new hardware and devices procured from PC makers. However, individuals and organizations cannot access the licenses that will allow them to install it on their devices such as Apple Silicon Macs.

Standard versions of Windows can also be managed using Microsoft Intune. This allows IT administrators to manage devices running on the standard Windows version or the Windows 11 SE. 

However, this may be viewed as a setback because IT administrators cannot create a single Windows 11 SE OS image to use on all the devices they are monitoring. This could have been a great way to overshadow the Chrome OS. 

The Chrome OS cannot be installed on existing PC hardware. Although Neverware’s CloudReady are on the verge of providing a similar experience for users to enjoy. 

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